Shawn Tyson Mueller


Once, when I was in Prince George, British Columbia, I met this young boy whose name is above, who was drunk and gambling, and I was quite sober.  He approached me to tell me he was an artist.  That night we went wondering through the creepy, empty town streets, pick pockets at our backs, cops around the corners after the pick pockets, to look at art magazines from my hotel room, which earlier had been broken into, a camera stolen.  He was like my secret younger brother.  He brought me home to his real sister, and his fantasy books.  He gave me this mirror which was hanging on his bathroom wall.  He tried to send me his first drawing, his very first drawing, pale and fading, of a tiger that had haunted his mind until he drew it.  But it got sent back to him.  I told him he should keep it.


5 Responses to “Shawn Tyson Mueller”

  1. 1 Nash

    I was searching my friend’s business website, and I came across this. I know a Shawn Tyson Mueller, and I wonder if it’s the same one.

    • Does your friend live in Prince George? Chances are if he does than it is the same guy. If it is, you should forward him the link…except I don’t know if he uses internet.

  2. 3 shawn

    The infamous Shawn…. lol
    Hey.. your as young as you feel…
    Not exactly accurate…. but yea that somewhat describes how it went…
    pickpockets…. lol eh he was gonna rob us until that cop flew by luckily….
    bad part of town to be strolling at night…
    lol eh… hows it going leigh…? long time…

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