my little pony of my childhood


I had these when I was young. I had the one that was the first to jump in the opening. I like to think I was a tomboy. the pink colours got to me. and the voices.  but I was infatuated. my toys were not the same characters as in the episodes. they had the personalities I attributed to them. my boyish pony with the darkest bits of colour, with the less annoying tones was calm and brave. it disappointed me to realize she didn’t have a horn or wings. I have done research. the other one I had was Moonbeam who had both a horn and better eyes, but it was a baby, and so not strong and brave the way I wanted my pony to be – and I have learned she traveled around looking for a real girl who believed in magic and unicorns – magic worked as a marketing scheme. I am not sure if I wish I had been smarter to know everything about all the shows and own the best ones, because it seems better to have created my own story out them and make them who I wanted, by mixing them with other toys, and other characters and places of my imagination. it was the strangeness of everything  I liked.

and Firefly, the one with the lightning bolts, had wings and was the girl’s rider, (I don’t think I really related much to the girl. but the monsters were neat.) and in the opening seems less baby than the toy; more of a cocky kind of daredevil – strong and very pink. I also had Heart throb who was also pink and suppose to make everyone happy. what an awful name. annoying voice. I am glad I didn’t know the baby version with the necklace I had was named Heart throb. I somehow ended up with the babies and not princess Tiffany who apparently was the head of everything. horrible name. I don’t remember her. she was white and had both wings AND a unicorn – I didn’t have her, but I wished my ponies had both of those and were white – because the colours were so annoying after a while. but the reddish hair on Paradise who told the legends would have been good too although I doubt it occurred to me to want Paradise. we didn’t see her enough. Galaxy might have occurred to me more to want because Galaxy was suppose to be intelligent and could shoot light from her horn and seemed bigger. if only mine could do that. and Mimic sounds neat with all the mind reading, soothsaying, glowing and levitating. and the wish making one who can wish herself invisible at twilight in order to magically appear anywhere without considering travel time. Twilight.  actually come to think of it, I am not sure which were mine, and which were my neighbors – I think she had Firefly and the babies, but I played them sometimes. the white and purple one was mine. how dare they have called it Gingerbread! I didn’t pick off the eyes because I knew that underneath was nothing, and something was better than nothing and marker fades and smudges. I remember being bored.

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